Fitting on New Bike from Backcountry

We guarantee the fit on your new bike for the life that you own it. If fit changes over riding time, come in and we can readjust the fit for you at no charge.


Existing Fit

Custom fit on your existing road or cyclocross bike. Please allow one hour for fit time.




Professional disassembly of your bike. Customer may supply box, or we can supply one at no charge. Detailed packaging for safe travel or shipping.


Build-a-bike #1

Unbox & assembly of bike that was previously built by a professional. No tune included.


Build-a-bike #2

Unbox & assembly of bike either previously built by a professional or purchased in a box. Includes all the features of the Standard Tune Up Package.



Standard Tune Up

  • Wheels trued (on bike)
  • Major bearing systems adjusted
  • All cables & chain lubed
  • Derailleurs & brakes adjusted
  • Align derailleur hanger
  • Frame wipe down

Price listed is for labor only. We strtive for a 48 hour turn around time with this package.


Tune Up Plus

Same as Standard package plus:

  • Wheels removed from bike for precision true
  • Adjust hubs
  • Drive train cleaned on bike
  • All new brake/derailleur cables & housing (a $72 value)

Price includes labor, installation, and new cables & housing parts


Race Overhaul

Same as Tune Up Plus package plus:

  • All drive train components removed & cleaned in parts cleaner
  • New bar tape or grips ($10 credit towards upgrade)
  • Repacking of hubs, bottom bracket, & headset with fresh grease & ball bearings (if applicable)


Free Estimate

Please bring your bike in for a free estimate.

Service Guarantee

We take pride in our thorough & professional service on all kinds of bikes. Our service is guaranteed for 30 days. If you’re not satisfied with the work performed, bring your bike back in and we will readjust it for you, free of charge.

No appointment necessary!


Prices are for labor only. Parts purchased at Backcountry Bikes.

Wheels & Hubs

Brake Components

Install tube and/or tire
Brake adjustment/rotor true
Install rimstrip
Brake cable & housing installation
Tubeless tire change (no sealant)
Disc brake bleed (includes oil)
New tubeless setup (plus parts)
Install hydraulic disc brake system
Wheel true (per wheel)
Install cable disc brake system
Replace broken spoke – Front (includes wheel true)
Install disc brake pads
Replace broken spoke – Rear (includes wheel true)

Stem, Bars & Headset

Chain & Crank

Adjust headset/stem
Chain Installation
Install headset
Replace/remove chain link
Cut steer tube (removed by customer)
Cassette/freewheel installation
Cut steer tube (on assembled bike)
Install pedals
Install handlebars
Install toe clips
Install fork
Bottom bracket overhaul
Install grips
Install/Face bottom bracket
Install bar ends
Install crankset/Bottom bracket
Wrap bar tape
Install chainring
Install crownrace/cups/etc.
Cut flat bars

Shift Components


Derailleur adjustment – Front
Fork Service
Derailleur adjustment – Back (+ hanger alignment)
Shock Service
Derailleur cable & housing install
Install/adjust derailleur hanger
Install derailleur (includes alignment)
Drivetrain cleaning in solvent


Prices are for labor only. Parts purchased at Backcountry Bikes.

Wheels & Hubs

Install tube and/or tire – $10
Install rimstrip – $10
Tubeless tire change (no sealant) – $25/ea
New tubeless setup – $40/ea
Wheel true (per wheel) – $15
Replace broken spoke – Front (includes wheel true) – $20
Replace broken spoke – Rear (includes wheel true) -$25

Brake Components

Brake adjustment/rotor true – $10
Brake cable & housing installation – $22
Disc brake bleed (includes oil) – $30/ea
Install hydraulic disc brake system – $45/ea
Install cable disc brake system – $35/ea
Install disc brake pads – $10/ea

Chain & Crank

Chain Installation – $10
Replace/remove chain link – $10
Cassette/freewheel installation -$10
Install pedals -$5
Install toe clips -$10
Bottom bracket overhaul – $20
Install/Face bottom bracket – $20
Install crankset/Bottom bracket – $20
Bottom bracket overhaul – $15

Shift Components

Derailleur adjustment – Front – $10
Derailleur adjustment – Back (plus hanger alignment) – $20
Derailleur cable & housing install -$22
Install/adjust derailleur hanger -$12
Install derailleur (includes alignment) -$20
Drivetrain cleaning in solvent – $40

Stem, Bars & Headset

Adjust headset/stem – $10
Install headset -$15
Cut steer tube (removed by customer) – $18
Cut steer tube (on assembled bike) – $20
Install handlebars – $20
Install fork – $25
Install grips – $8
Install bar ends – $10
Wrap bar tape – $20
Install crownrace/cups/etc. – $10
Cut flat bars – $10


Fork Service – $60
Shock Service – $30